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Server Cachet Checker - Aggregate http Cachet Check

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Server Cachet Checker

Enter up to 100 URLs (Each URL charge be on abstracted line)

About Server Cachet Checker

Welcome to (STC) SEO Accoutrement Centre server cachet checker apparatus which helps you to assay the accepted cachet of your web hosting server. Our server cachet checker apparatus identifies any website affair by allegory server status. Its a aggregate server cachet checker apparatus and you can admit up to 100 websites at the aforementioned time to assay the server status. You accept to accumulate in apperception that every band has one URL and again submit. Our apparatus will assay all the websites one by one and affectation the accepted server cachet and HTTP cipher with website status. 

How to use the bulk Http cachet checker apparatus of the SEO Accoutrement Centre?

Our apparatus is an instant server-status allegory tool which is chargeless forever. Artlessly aggregate all of your websites that you appetite to assay and admit these sites to the server cachet checker box and submit. Our server cachet blockage apparatus will anxiously browse and affectation the after-effects about all of your area separately. The aftereffect will be displayed in bristles columns:

  • Which displays the absolute numbers of your amid websites. 1, 2, 3, etc.First cavalcade for No # 

How to check website server status step 1

  • The tab which displays the "" URLs second cavalcade with the "

How to check website server status step 2

  • Which absolutely displays the HTTP code such as 404,401,500 or 200. HTTP CodeThe third cavalcade with the appellation "

How to check website server status step 3

  • It shows that how abundant time your server takes to acknowledge in seconds. "Response Time"The fourth one which displays the

How to check website server status step 4

  • The fifth and aftermost one with the website cachet "Online" or "Offline".

How to check website server status step 5

Understanding the Server Cachet Checker after-effects (Http Codes)

200 Redirect

Server cachet with acknowledgment cipher 200 is “OK” and it agency the server will acknowledgment with agreeable for your requested URL. 

301 Redirect

301 code agency an absolute folio accept been confused assuredly to a new area and you will be redirected to the new area for your inquiries. It’s mostly acclimated to administer 301 redirections aural htaccess book to adopt www adaptation or non-www adaptation of a website and the best htaccess alter generator apparatus is acclimated for it.

302 Alter error

302 code redirection agency acting redirection. 

307 Alter Error

302 and 307 redirections are agnate because it acclimated for the aforementioned purpose (temporary redirection) and can be adapted in the future. 

400 Absurdity code

400 redirections is acclimated for the bad request. It occurs back the server doesn’t accept your concern and artlessly displays 400 bad appeal results. 

401 Unaughorized code

401 Crooked agency that your server will not admission admission to the agreeable after authorization
If addition tries to admission the crooked folio of your website again the server shows 401 crooked cipher errors. It basically acclimated for countersign adequate pages.
If your web server doesn’t appetite to appearance the agreeable to the users it artlessly displays “403 forbidden”. It basically occurs due to hosting server error, area misconfiguration, or database issue.

404 Not Found

404 Not Found” is the best accepted redirection, which is important for every website. 404 absurdity cipher refers to the chase engines that which web folio is accurate and which is not. If you are not application 404 not begin custom redirection and you accept deleted the web folio and browse the deleted web folio again it will appearance the “404 folio not found” error. It’s actual all-important because it plays a basic role in SEO.

401 Gone error

401 Gone” and 404 errors are agnate and altered in the alone name. It says that the web folio you attractive for doesn’t exist. 

500 Centralized Server Error

Another annoyance “500 Centralized Server Error” and it occurs back your armpit redirected to your web host or ambassador due to some amiss with your server.