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Grilled corn salsa

A good accessory to everything else that you put on the grill! Garlic salsa is a nice shortcut but it can be replaced by mixing in grated garlic, chili or chili flakes, white vinegar, oil, salt, and sugar as desired.


2 pieces corn cobs

2 pieces Red onion

Tip pepper (red)

4 tomatoes

1 dl Garlic salsa

Coriander (fresh)

0.5 pieces of Lime

Do this

Start the grill and place the charcoal so that you have a surface without charcoal, so-called indirect heat.

Grill the corn, tomatoes, red onions, and pepper until they get a nice grilling surface (dare to let them get a lot of colors and be smoked).

Then allow the vegetables to cool slightly before cutting off the corn kernels from the flasks. Peel the most sooted from the tomatoes and peppers as well as the onion, then chop the vegetables into smaller pieces. Mix the vegetables with 1 dl garlic salsa, lime juice from 1 / 2-1 lime, and finely chopped coriander from 1/2 pot.


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