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About Backlink Extractor

Welcome to the backlink extractor tool by SEO Accoutrement Centre (STC) that extracts all the backlinks acicular to your website/domain. Backlink plays a basic role in the chase agent access process. Backlinks are actual capital for a website as baptize and aliment for the animal body. 

Also, try out the "Moz Backlink Extractor" for Moz backlinks abstraction and "backlink maker" to actualize up to 50 different and aerial PR affection backlinks instantly with your website to acceleration up the indexing action and exhausted up your amoebic competitors.   

Backlink Extractor

Now, in 2016 afterwards "panda 4.0 update" the SEO ball is absolutely changed. So, Google austere SEO policies. Backlink extractor is distinctively advised to analysis your backlinks because Google says that you are amenable for every entering and outbound links acicular to your website/domain. So, it's actual all-important to break in blow with all of your beginning and old backlinks of your website because a distinct bad/spam backlink can aching your website amoebic cartage and baronial also. Consistently try to body up the quality, do chase and alcove accompanying backlinks. 

Backlink Extractor/scraper is an burning backlink extracting apparatus which is proudly advised and developed by SEO Accoutrement Centre. By application the STC backlinks abrading apparatus you can assay up to 1000 at a time and accept the advantage to consign in CSV architecture for after use. Clashing added poor backlinks blockage accoutrement those offers the bound cardinal of queries and ask for subscribing the pro amalgamation but SEOToolsCentre's backlink extracting apparatus solves all of that because it's chargeless forever.  SEO Accoutrement Centre (STC) is committed to accouterment the best admired and advantageous accoutrement for SEO purpose including a backlink audit/examine apparatus to accommodate affluent users' experience. 


Why is the backlinks analysis all-important for a website?

Backlinks are actual all-important for a website and comedy the role of the courage in the SEO strategy. The online marketers accommodating to pay up to 100$ from a acceptable ascendancy and accurate web folio and a backlink can acceleration up your website baronial action aural the chase engines. Google accepted that the web owners are amenable for all inbound, outbound, acceptable and bad backlinks. So, it's actual actual all-important to analysis your backlinks if you appetite to break alive in the baronial and SERPS. 

How Does Website Backlink Extractor Apparatus Works?

Our backlink extractor/analyzer works actual calmly and instantly accommodate the 100% authentic results. Clashing all added accessible backlink blockage tool, we don't action affected reports. Our Backlink abstraction apparatus absolutely scans the absolute website and account the backlinks for Google and added chase engines database and affectation in advanced of you. Our apparatus displays exact folio area your website is affiliated with their ballast argument and additionally acquaint about articulation blazon that it's do-follow or no-follow. You can consign all of your website backlinks aural a distinct book in the .csv book for after use. 


How to use SEOToolsCentr's Backlinks extraction/checker tool? 

It's actual accessible to use the STC backlink extractor tool, clashing added tools.

  • First of all, go to the backlink extractor page.

Backlink Extractor

  • Just blazon your "website/domain URL" as

How to extract backlinks step 1

  • Select the "number of backlinks" that you appetite to extract.

How to extract backlinks step 2

  • You accept the advantage to baddest 50,100,500 or 1000 links at the aforementioned time and bang on the "submit" button.

How to extract backlinks step 3

  • Within the amount of few seconds, your achievement will be produced and you can consign files in your admired book architecture to appraise it and acquiescence for abjure and you may use the "Try New URL" button to abstract the backlinks of addition website as well. 

How to extract backlinks step 4

Note: We additionally offers the backlink maker tool to actualize the aerial PR backlinks and broken links checker to assay and fix the burst pages of any website with a distinct click.