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Avocado with shrimp puree

This delicious and slightly summery dish contains delicious ingredients such as avocado, eggs, peeled shrimp, tomatoes, lettuce, crème Fraiche, lemon, and fresh dill. Avocado with shrimp mixture you turn together in less than 30 minutes and serve with super good heel cakes.

Ingredients: 4 portions

400 g peeled shrimps

4 egg

2 avocado

salt and pepper

1/2 ash fresh dill (à 20 g)

2 tomatoes

1/2 iceberg lettuce

1 lemon

2 dl light crème fraiche

4 pour cookies

Do this

Thaw the prawns and let them drain in a strainer.

Boil the eggs for 9 minutes. Rinse them in cold water for a while. Peel and cut them into wedges.

Divide and core the avocados, dig out the meat with a large spoon and slice it. Salt and pepper.

Chop the dill. Slice the tomatoes. Cut the salad into pieces and rinse and let the water drain well.

Peel a lemon and mix it with the crème fraiche, shrimp and dill. Season with salt and pepper.

Serve the shrimp mixture with eggs, avocado, tomatoes and salad on the bread.

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