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10 Youngest Billionaires

1. John Collison

John Collison, age 29. Collison is the richest billionaire under 30 worth 3.2 billion dollars. Collison co-founded the payment processing company stripe with his brother Patrick. The value of his stake in the privately held company has nearly tripled in the past two years. Thanks to three nine-figure funding rounds. Stripes most recent funding round raised 250 million dollars from investors, at a thirty-five billion-dollar valuation.

2. Gustav Magna Witzoe

Gustav Magna Witzoe, aged 26. Witzoe is worth two point three billion dollars. This comes from his large stake in “Psalm Rasa”, one of the world’s largest salmon producers, which is run by his father. Witzoe has also doubled in modeling tech and real estate investment.

3. Katarina and Alexandra Andresen

The sisters 24 and 33 respectively, are worth 1 point 1 billion dollars. A fortune that comes from each sister controlling a 42 percent stake, in their family’s investment company Ferd. Their family has been well known in Norway for more than a century, due to the family’s tobacco business which was sold in 2005.

4. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner, age 22. Jenner’s 1 billion dollar fortune comes from her makeup business, “Kylie cosmetics”. The youngest self-made billionaire ever. Jenner inked a deal in November to sell a 51% stake in her business to Kody Inc for 600 million dollars. Jenner also recently donated 1 million dollars to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, to buy personal protective equipment to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

5. Evan Spiegel

Evan Spiegel, aged 24. He’s the CEO of Snapchat, and he has about $1.5 billion to his name. The company sort of hit the market very quickly and it’s been on fire ever since. This young man has more money than most people his own age, and he’s currently the world’s youngest billionaire.

It’s quite a feat for a young man whose old friends from high school and college are probably excited to finance their first car right about now. Meanwhile, he’s wealthy enough to own all their cars and probably their homes, too.

6. Tom Persson – H&M – 30 years old

A 30-year-old heir to the H&M fortune, Tom Persson, is estimated to be worth around $3 billion.
Oh and if you have no idea what H&M is – it’s the second-largest international clothing retailer from Sweden. A family business that will thrive until there are no butts left to cover on the planet.

7. Tatiana Casiraghi 

Tatiana Casiraghi 31 years old has always been wealthy and marrying Monaco’s future king probably didn’t change that either. Her grandfather, the owner of the Colombian beer company Bavaria, left his family a hefty heirloom of around $2.2 billion, not to mention all the free beer and endless parties one could throw with the said beer. Now tell me you’re not at least a little bit jealous. I know I am!

8. Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth aged 31, is one of those extremely lucky college dropouts that just took the wheel and said “F*CK it! I’m doing it my way”! Instead of doing the whole routine, like any other teen, she decided to invest her Stanford money in a company called Theranos, which is a blood-testing lab and apparently is far more cost-effective than commercial labs currently out there. This bold move got her 50% of the shares of a small company that is now worth over $9 billion. I’m sure you can do the math.

9.  Dustin Moskovitz 

Dustin 30 years old is one of the first Facebook employees, Mark Zuckerberg’s close friend and a roommate from Harvard, who followed his buddy in search of glorious success and helped to establish Facebook as we know it today. Currently, he’s worth nearly $8 billion, yet he still rides his bike to work and flies commercial airlines, just like all other mortals.

10. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark 29 years old is the 16th richest person in the world, with $33 billion behind his belt and a company that will last as long as there is an internet connection. How did he do it? He had to make sacrifices, which is something most people aren’t ready for. A few years from now Facebook will be as big as ever, Mark’s little daughter will take over the company, and I’ll make another listicle.

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